Community Pathways

  • Community Pathways provides physically or mentally disabled individuals with daily support. This program is designed to create several "pathways" leading into the community. Individuals enrolled in this program strive to develop and enhance skills such as:
    • Social skills, healthy workplace interactions, industry standard work habits, independence with work tasks, and following corporate expectations.
  • Participants are encouraged to explore a variety of activities, such as:
    • Volunteer work, recreational activities, nutrition and wellness awareness programs, exercise programs, cooking classes, and self-determination training

What makes Community Pathways Unique?

  • The Community Pathways program is participant driven and values the importance of community integration. It provides individuals the opportunity to discover their strengths and talents by providing pathways to potential through employment.
  • Individuals interested in competitive employment can opt to transition into the Supported Employment Program. Those who don't wish to pursue it can focus on other personal goals within the Community Pathways program.

How to Qualify:

  • Go through the eligibility process with a Managed Care Organization to determine whether or not your case meets the requirements first. I/DD Services will assist you with this step.
  • If you have already submitted paperwork and were deemed ineligible, Community Workforce Solutions also provides private pay rates.

Services Provided by Community Pathways include:

  • ADVP - Adult Day Vocational Program
  • Innovations Day Supports  with group & individual activities
  • Long Term Vocational Support

Please email for more information, or call 919-231-3325 and ask for the Community Pathways Manager.

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Community Workforce Solutions is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.