Gateway Clubhouse

Gateway Clubhouse provides brain injury survivors opportunities to participate in satisfying, purposeful activities in a supportive social environment. These individuals are considered members, not clients or patients. Working together with highly trained staff, members plan and implement Clubhouse activities as well as maintain the facility. The Clubhouse actively involves members in every aspect of day to day operations. By focusing on their talent and abilities, members are recognized for their contributions regardless of impact.
They recieve necessary support while maintaining ownership over Clubhouse activities. This experience can improve quality of life, skills, and overall independence. The Clubhouse model fosters member's growth toward vocational independence to build confidence and reach their full potential.

Please email for more information, or call 919-231-3325 and ask for the Gateway Clubhouse Director.

Gateway to Work

Gateway to Work provides individuals with brain injuries the opportunity to engage in meaningful work and develop the skills needed to enter or re-enter competitive employment.  The Clubhouse model offers a unique setting to strengthen social skills and practice work behaviors in a supported environment.  Intentional emphasis is placed on member strengths and interests when selecting personal and vocational development goals.
Intensive training will be provided for each individual to maximize cognitive functioning in the following areas:
  • Memory
  • Attention and concentration
  • Executive functioning:  reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making
  • Cognitive processing
  • Organization and planning
  • Verbal and receptive communication
  • Interpersonal skill


Individuals will develop the pre-vocational skills needed to complete a resume, secure volunteer opportunities, search for employment, interview for the desired position, and retain the job through various trainings, both in the employment setting and at the Clubhouse.


The Gateway to Work program will provide vecational counseling to ease the stress of seeking employment and making the transition into the job force.


In addition to vocational training and placement, individuals will receive case management services to locate other community supports and services needed to maximize independence. We emphasize interagency collaboration and working with current support systems to focus on a holistic approach to independence.


Keeping a job is one of the hardest parts to the employment process, so job support for retention is a priority through the Gateway to Work program. Once an individual becomes a member of the Clubhouse, they are a member for life. This provides the perfect setting for frequent face-to-face contact which assists with providing long-term support if/when job challenges arise.