Developing work, social and community inclusion skills

Community Pathways

People with more complex situations and more severe disabilities may choose to focus on issues other than work and they might prefer to enter the work place at a later time. Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. offers a program called Community Pathways that combines the resources of a traditional on-site Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP) with Supported Employment. Persons may participate in one or both of these programs. Some people start in the Community Transition phase (ADVP) and move into the Supported Employment program when ready or someone may go directly into the Supported Employment phase if ready to enter community employment.

Community Transition (ADVP)

Community Transition offers supports to enhance and develop skill sets such as:

  • Social skills and interaction with co-workers and supervision
  • Industry accepted work habits
  • Marketable job skills
  • Independence in work duties
  • Following work environment rules (i.e. using a time card, returning from breaks on-time)


Educational, recreational, and social activities in the community focus on building the skills and confidence that will enhance a person's ability to be a part of their community and to work independently. The types of activities available during any given week at Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. include:

  • On-site production work
  • Volunteer work
  • Job try-outs
  • Community based assessment
  • Job Tours
  • Recreational activities in the community
  • Arts &Crafts allowing creativity and self-expression
  • Nutrition and wellness awareness through our "Live Healthy, Work Healthy" program
  • Self-Determination training - Decision making and self-advocacy skills
  • Using public transportation
  • Basic academics and independent living skills through Compensatory Education (provided by local community colleges)